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Al Harris

Al Harris is a former player in the National Football League with a successful 11 year playing career with both the Chicago Bears and the Philadelphia Eagles. The impetus for his successful career is his knowledge and application of individual motivational techniques in order to survive the high expectations of clientele and the complexities of the employer/employee relationship.

Currently participating in a budding sports broadcasting career, Harris desires to share his experience with others. Through simple and direct principles which can be successfully transferred to the coporate environment, Harris can help management achieve a successful work environment which, in turn, translates to a successful bottom line.

Al Harris is able to accomplish this goal by examining the practical components of professional teamwork. Harris will primarily use those two components as a model for personal and professional success.

  • Stop Whining and Start Winning
  • Picture Perfect Results
  • Tend to Your Garden
  • God's Relentless Love Toward You
  • Actions of a Rock

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