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Capitol City Speakers Bureau

Sports Speakers Booked

Sports Personalities Booked by Capitol City Speakers Bureau

Below is a partial list of sports personalities we have placed with various organizations.

This list is just a sample of the motivational sports speakers we work with.
We have access to numerous sports celebrities, sports personalities and sports stars nationwide.

Let us help you make your next meeting great!

Jim Abbott Jim Abbott Donald Driver Donald Driver Bob Love Bob Love
Mark Adams Mark Adams Herm Edwards Herm Edwards Arie Luyendyk Arie Luyendyk
Barry Alvarez Coach Barry Alvarez Mark Eaton Mark Eaton Mark May Mark May
Stephen Bardo Stephen Bardo Sue Ershler Sue Ershler Kyle Maynard Kyle Maynard
Rick Barry Rick Barry Janet Evans Janet Evans Jerry Markbreit Jerry Markbreit
Coach Frank Beamer Coach Frank Beamer Roy Firestone Roy Firestone Cheryl Miller Cheryl Miller
Johnny Bench George Foreman George Foremean Jim Morris Jim Morris
Jay Bilas Jay Bilas Tom Flick Tom Flick Carey Mullen Carey Mullen
Bonnie Blair Bonnie Blair Rulon Gardner Rulon Gardner  Anthony Munoz Anthony Muñoz
Rocky Bleier Rocky Bleier Mitch Gaylord Mitch Gaylord  Dale Murphy Dale Murphy
Jim Boeheim Jim Boeheim Ruben Gonzalez Ruben Gonzalez John Naber John Naber
 Eric Boles Eric Boles Greg Gumbel Greg Gumbel Jim Palmer Jim Palmer
Walter Bond Walter Bond Scott Hamilton Scott Hamilton Rick Pitino Rick Pitino
Terry Bowden Terry Bowden Dan Hampton Dan Hampton Vince Poscente Vince Poscente
Bobby Bowden Hank Haney Hank Haney Aron Ralston Aron Ralston
Terry Bradshaw Terry Bradshaw Al Harris Al Harris Ahmad Rashad Ahmad Rashad
Lou Brock Lou Brock Ed Hearn Ed Hearn Robin Roberts Robin Roberts
Dale Brown Dale Brown Whitey Herzog Whitey Herzog Kyle Rote Kyle Rote, Jr.
Michael Buffer Michael Buffer Alan Hobson Alan Hobson Gale Sayer Gale Sayers
Dick Butkus Dick Butkus Ed Hochuli Ed Hochuli Mike Schlappi Mike Schlappi
Edna Campbell Edna Campbell Merril Hoge Merril Hoge Mike Singletary Mike Singletary
Coach Carter Coach Ken Carter Brian Holloway Brian Holloway Emmitt Smith Emmitt Smith
John Cassis John Cassis Art Holst Art Holst Ozzie Smith Ozzie Smith
Lee Corso Lee Corso Paul Hornung Paul Hornung Tubby Smith Tubby Smith
Jim Craig Jim Craig Ron Jaworski Ron Jaworski John Smoltz John Smoltz
Roger Crawford Roger Crawford Ferguson Jenkins Ferguson Jenkins Bart Starr Bart Starr
Larry Csonka Larry Csonka Bruce Jenner Bruce Jenner Jim Sundberg Jim Sundberg
Bill Curry Bill Curry  Curley Boo Johnson Curley Boo Johnson Lynn Swann Lynn Swann
Derek Daly Derek Daly Cullen Jones Cullen Jones Joe Theismann Joe Theismann
Dominique Dawes Dominique Dawes Jackie Joyner-Kersee Jackie Joyner-Kersee Adam Timmerman Adam Timmerman
Andre Dawson Andre Dawson Clark Kellogg Clark Kellogg Jim TunneyJim Tunney
Len Dawson Len Dawson Peter Kessler Peter Kessler Dick Vermeil Dick Vermeil
Frank Deford Frank Deford Tony La Russa Tony La Russa Peter Vidmar Peter Vidmar
Lynn Dickey Lynn Dickey Tommy Lasorda Tommy Lasorda Pat Williams Pat Williams
Mike Ditka Mike Ditka Rebecca Lobo Rebecca Lobo Don Yaeger Don Yaeger
Dave Dravecky Dave Dravecky Vince Lombardi Jr. Vince Lombardi Jr.    

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